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How to Operate a Profitable Liquidation Merchandise Business in Your Spare-Time!


You’re About To See How You Too Could Be
Potentially Earning At Least $15,000/Month
(Or More…) Working From The Comfort Of Your Home In The Hottest, Easiest, Most Popular Business in America.  

Dear prospective business associate,

Imagine having direct access to brand-name merchandise at prices so low, even major wholesale clubs, discount stores, wholesalers and factory outlets couldn't match them!

We're talking about electronic products and devices, tools, gifts, jewelry, clothing apparel, cutlery, kitchenware, automotive products and much more - all available to you at a fraction of wholesale prices. In fact, at prices so low they're almost beyond belief!

You would think you hit the jackpot! - and you would be right! Once news got out about the carnival of savings you offer, people would be lining at your door to buy from you. You simply show the products we provide, take orders, and send the orders to us. This way you have...

No capital investment
No products to stock
No catalogs to print
No overhead cost
No packing shipping or handling products

You do none of this stuff because we do all that for you. We have the inventory! We have the warehouses!  We pack and ship direct to your customer with your name on the shipping label.

My friend, this is not just a hypothetical concept. It's a position you could be in within a matter of days!

Who Are We and What We Do

We are TopLine Distribution Company
TopLine Distribution Center

We are one of the fastest growing suppliers of liquidated merchandise in America. We specialize in finding and selling new, unsold inventory from companies who are in financial trouble. In today’s tough economy, hundreds- if not thousands- of companies all across the country are caught in a financial squeeze. Many are close to or in bankruptcy. To generate badly needed cash, they must sell overstocks or over-manufactured products that are sitting on their shelves at bargain prices. To make a quick deal, they may often sell their merchandise at below their actual costs. Some companies are going out of business and have to liquidate their inventories. We sometimes buy entire truck loads.

That is how we keep our warehouses stocked with bargain priced consumer products- ready to be sold to buyers all across America who are looking for the lowest possible price on products that they need to own or resell. We buy at liquidation/bankrupt prices that are far below manufacturer's prices.
TopLine Distribution Warehouse

That's how we get to pay just "pennies on the dollar" for countless wanted name brand consumer products. Moreover, the products are all in top-quality condition. No seconds or rejects. To be sure, we select merchandise with great care.

From this point forward, you can forget about all those wholesale companies hyping about selling to you wholesale. There is so much mark-up in their products before they get in your hands that it's difficult for an individual to make any real profits. They are in business to sell you products and then you never hear from them again!

You would be in a league of your very own because you wouldn’t be selling at retail like everyone else out there is trying to do unless you wish to do so.

Wouldn’t you rather be in control and be able to sell products below wholesale? All of the wholesale drop-shipping companies and E-Bay-Power sellers would then want to buy from you! Not the other way around.

We don't buy a product unless we are convinced it will sell quickly at the low, low  prices we offer.

Offer Products like these:

Clothing Dinnerware Electronics
Sporting Goods Clocks Luggage
Watches   Holiday Gifts   Bikes
Computers Tools Toys
Jewelry Ceramics Microwaves
Radio Auto- accessories Cosmetics

Now! Take Your Financial Future in
Your Own Hands and Change Your Life!

Government reports reveal that in the last 10 years alone, more than 5.5 million jobs worldwide have been eliminated due to corporate downsizing. In addition, it is estimated that 55% of all jobs created in the next 10 years will pay near poverty levels. The future for job holders is bleak in deed.

Smart people are doing something about their financial future by starting their own home based businesses.

A former editor of "Success Magazine" reported that over 14 million people now work from home full time; another 13 million work part time. These numbers are increasing by nearly 600,000 per year.  The average work at home income is already $50,250 annually and increasing every year.

This is no temporary "fluke" or trend. The evidence is clear. Now-a-days, the only sure road to economic security is starting a business of your own. Preferably, a business you can start part-time and build into a full-time income while still maintaining your present job. The explosive and versatile liquidation merchandise business fills this bill to a Tee.

How to get Your Merchandising
Business Started

Start on a Proverbial "Shoestring"
Grow Big in Record Time

Most Business start-ups require a hefty investment- sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Our financial advisors insist we could package a business deal like this as a franchise and make $10,000 to $50,000 up front.  But hear this!

You can start your own merchandise liquidation business from home for as little as $49.00. That initial investment could bring you  Hundreds of Thousands in clear profits in the next 30 days!  We are not in business to sell a business opportunity. We are in business to sell merchandise. We know all this may sound unbelievable. It's the result of a powerful  social and economic trend going on in America. The demand for discount merchandise among consumers is escalating at a "breakneck" pace. What we're offering you now is a proven way you can build a merchandising empire just like the Big Boys.

TopLine Distribution Membership Card
At this stage, we do not know how many distributors we need or can accommodate. We can only stretch our resources so far. Therefore, this opportunity will be strictly limited. When we reach the number of distributors we can manage at optimum levels, we will withdraw this offer.

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A Revolution in
Consumer Buying Habits
Americans are more price conscious than ever. Discount stores, thrift shops, wholesale clubs and dollar stores are springing up everywhere. These consumer outlets are making a fortune. Just imagine if you had access to merchandise at prices drastically lower than these discount stores charge. You would have people lining up at your door to buy from you. It could happen! That is what this exciting business is all about.

Due to downturns in our economy, Americans are aggressively seeking new ways to make and save money. Everyone has become a bargain hunter. That's why this business is so explosive. With the massive discounts you'll be offering, it will create a buying fury similar to those retail stores experience when they have their 24-hour sale bashes.

Distributors Needed
Become a TopLine Distributor
Fast and Easy

We're "Swamped" with orders from wholesalers, retailers, flea market vendors, you name it. We quickly discovered that when you offer spectacular discount deals like these, people chase after you. We've nearly reached our limit. We need help getting our products to local markets. Anyone can and will make money in this business. This is a complete turnkey operation.

If you join us in this profitable venture, you'll enjoy a larger share of the profits on every deal you make- up to 400, 500, even 600% markup (compare that to the measly 5 to 15% major merchandising companies pay their distributors). And these HUGE markups could actually amount to thousands of dollars in clear profits for you... each month. We currently have distributors that make $3000...$5000, even $10,000 in a single month without ever leaving their homes.

You need no education, no special training, no skills and no business experience. All the training you need is in your High Profit Distribution Plan that you will receive as a member. As a TopLine Distributor, you too can make up to thousands of dollars a month and without ever leaving your home. This business will change your life!      

TopLine Distribution Box

A Business That Prospers

In Good or Bad Times

Never before in the history of commerce have consumers placed so much emphasis on saving money on the daily purchases they make. The demand for discount merchandise among consumers is escalating tremendously. Competition among retailers has fostered this economic and social trend. Nobody wants to pay regular retail anymore. So, when you have merchandise at far below the "normal sale prices", you’ve got yourself a money-making Empire. The word about your business will spread like wild fire. You'll be swamped with orders. As stated earlier, every year thousands of discount stores, dollar stores and wholesale clubs are opening. With the unmatched closeout and liquidation deals we have, you can undercut these industry giants! You can take comfort in knowing that your merchandising business will thrive in good times and bad. In good times people are buying more. In bad times people are bargain hunting more. 

There are two undisputable marketing facts that make your merchandising distribution business virtually guaranteed:

1. Consumers are more and more frugal when it comes to spending their money. If you can show     them a  way to save money  on merchandise they need and want, you have the inside track to     their spendable income.
2. All  you  need is  the  knowledge, tools  and  resources  to take  advantage of  this remarkable     income  opportunity. This  is  what  TopLine  Distribution is offering to our distributors with your     membership. There is no  way you can fail at this business. It is completely fail proof. It's a new     opportunity for you to get wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!

Here's how it Works:

We'll send you our complete product listings (full color catalogs & circulars) along with your costs and suggested wholesale/retail prices. You take orders and send them to us after you deduct your profits. We'll fulfill them and send them directly to your customers or to you if you prefer. Procedures will be covered in depth in a comprehensive marketing package that you'll receive when you sign on.

A Vast & Varied Market

Here's the best part; the one that will allow you to blow away your competition. The 350% clear profit you'll make still allows you to undersell products sold by wholesalers and discount stores.

There are multiple ways to market products, depending on your personal preference for doing business. For example:

  • Sell to retail outlets, discount stores, wholesalers, flea market vendors and various home-based personnel. They'll jump at the opportunity to buy merchandise from you at such HUGE discounts.
  • Sell direct to your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. When they see your incredible rock-bottom prices, their eyes will "pop out of their sockets" as they hastily reach for their wallets or checkbooks.
  • Pick out one or two of our "red-hot" deals and set up a booth or stand at a local flea market. People attending these markets are true bargain hunters. When they see your bargain basement prices, it will start a buying frenzy. You'll be inundated with orders.
  • You can run ads in local newspapers or national magazines and sell products by mail. Pick out a red-hot item, run ads on it and soon you'll have a substantial list of steady customers and profits! We'll send you full color catalogs and product circulars that you can mail out. As orders come in, simply send them to us. We'll process them and have them shipped directly to your customer. You never have to carry inventories or handle products yourself.
  • You can sell on E-Bay or through your own internet website. It's easy to set up. You can have an electronic "Storefront" presence making money for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You'll clean up with this exciting new marketing phenomenon. Imagine having the lowest priced products on E-bay!
There's no shortage of ways to market products. Once prospects see the product quality and compare prices to what they’re now paying, selling them will be as easy as "showing candy to a group of kids". If this sounds too easy, it's because it is so easy. Everything is so simple, you'll be ready to start the very first day!

Again, all these Marketing methods and others will be covered in detail in your New High Profit Distribution Plan.

Free Marketing Support

You won't have to go it alone operating your merchandising business. You can count on our help every step of the way!

After all, when you make money, so do we. It’s a partnership operation. We're not going to sell you some "How to go do it alone manual". We will support you and guide you step by step.

TopLine Distribution Phone OperatorNo member will ever have to go it alone and figure things out on their own. We will work with you on a personal level to help you achieve success. We're here to help you and coach you every step of the way. Why are we being so generous with our time and effort you may ask? The answer should be obvious. The greater your success and the more money you make, the greater our success and the more money we make. In other words, our time invested in counseling and developing you will pay off for us as well as you.

You'll also get all the following: A marketing manual covering the business in its entirety... full color product catalogs... product circulars... updates when new items are introduced... unlimited phone and e-mail consultation… newsletters... plus much more. No stone is left unturned. Every tool you need to succeed is provided!

Your Best Chance To Achieve
Financial Success

Now we would like to share our knowledge, resources and good fortune with you. After all, we do stand to make even more money from the sales you make. Remember your success is our success.

We will guide you every step of the way. All that stands in the way of you making huge profits - within a matter of days - is you ordering now with a small one time membership fee. Where else can you start a business on a "shoestring budget" with an immediate potential of thousands of dollars a month? NOWHERE! We know we've checked out most of them. Either you have to fork up thousands of dollars in start up costs - or the programs the promoters are hyping just don't work.

If you’re looking for the real thing, a no-nonsense business with unlimited earning potential, this is it. This is the chance of your lifetime. Don't dare pass it up!

You can get our all-inclusive business start up package at a steal price. All you have to do is send in a small one time registration fee of $49. You'll learn how to turn that small membership fee into several thousands in the next 30 days or you pay nothing.

To Your Success,

TopLine Distribution Company

You Ready For Success?!
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~This Business Will Change Your Life!~


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Or Your Full Money Back

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction 100%. If you’re not completely amazed, for any reason, at how simple it is to make money working with us, simply contact us within 60 days and we will be glad to refund your membership fee.

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